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Review : Even Odds by Elia WInters

Even Odds (Slices of Pi, #1)


This was the first book I have read by Elia Winters so was eager to find out what “Even Odds” had to offer. What I found was another new author to add to my list of authors to keep an eye out for as this was thoroughly enjoyable read worthy of 4 stars.

Sexy, hot, funny and erotic, this was my kind of book. Set in the male dominated world of computer games this is a geeky office romance with a bit of kink. This story sucks you in from the start and you can’t put it down.

Isabel would love to be taken seriously at her job but after having issues at her previous employment she tries to play down her femininity to fit in. When attending a gaming conference she decides to let loose and enjoy herself by playing a game with her colleagues and hooking up with a stranger thinking it would be a one time thing, unfortunately for Isabel the stranger turns out to be her new workmate.

Caleb has a few issues with commitment and having a weekend thing at the conference is great for him. He manages to hook up with and have amazing sex with Isabel. For him this works well until he moves to Florida and finds himself working with Isabel. The connection and attraction between the two of them is still there and increases so it doesn't take long before they are hooking up again. Strangely for Caleb he starts to feel that the occasional hooking up is no longer enough and he wants more.

Isabel is reluctant and has trepidation in starting a work place relationship after her experience in her last job and this causes her to push Caleb away and to keep him at arms length. This however i not enough for her either and they need to work to figure out what they want. The sex between them is hot and steamy but they both want more but how will it work.

Along with the romance in the story there is the serious issue of sexual harassment that is raised and is an undercurrent running through the story that is the cause for much of the way Isabel is influenced throughout. It was good to see how this was addressed and also showed Caleb in a good light as understanding and supportive.

Told through both points of view I enjoyed getting to know both characters well and knowing how the past influenced the present. It allows the reader to understand the behaviour of the characters better. This was my first but not my last read by Elia Winters and will definitely be reading more in this series.

Reviewed by Louise G.