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Review : Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Surprisingly I haven’t read any other books by Jennifer Probst so ‘Everywhere And Every Way’ was the first time I had read her work. Have to say that I enjoyed it and give it four stars and it was a great introduction to a new author for me. This is also a start to a Billionaires Builders series that will focus on the Pierce brothers.

This particular story revolves around Caleb Pierce and Morgan Raine and how they develop from disliking one another to wanting so much more.

Caleb works with his father in their business of building houses but unfortunately in the beginning of this book Caleb’s father has a heart attack and passes away. In the will it is stipulated that to inherit the business Caleb and his two estranged brothers must come together to live and work for a year or the business will be dissolved. There is no love lost now between these three brothers who had at one point in their lives had been as thick as thieves. Unfortunately a lot of the jobs that were lined up have been cancelled or rejected leaving the brothers scrambling to find a lucrative job to bring in money for the year.

Morgan has been instructed by her famous clients to oversee a build of their dream house and Caleb Pierce is the ideal person to build the house but he doesn’t want the job. Figuring the only way to get him to work for her Morgan sabotages some of the deals for work Caleb has lined up meaning he will have to take her job.

Although there is a veiled dislike to one another Caleb and Morgan both try to fight their mutual attraction. This proves difficult as sparks fly and things develop between the two and the sexual tension is off the charts. Caleb is your sexy, strong minded builder and Morgan is a sassy and opinionated southern belle. The to and fro of banter between them was quite charming to read. There were a few secrets to be revealed and decisions to be made.

Told from a dual perspective so you can get a better insight into both characters and understand better what they are feeling. Unfortunately there was a few moments that I felt dragged but the rest of the book made up for them and certainly didn’t put me off reading the rest of the series so I am looking forward to finding out more from the Pierce brothers.